Code                  DR-2202Discription    &..

Code DR-1086-16 Description black and golden Size 16/16/16&n..

Code             DR-1084-18Discription&n..

Code         DR-1085-16Discription BLACK ZARCONSize  &n..

Code            DR-2200Discription   BLUE & BROWNRing Size &n..

Code         DR-2201Discription BLUE & WHITERing Size 18..

Code          DR-2206Discription BLUE EGYPTIANRing Size 18NECKLACE + EARING..

Code DS-2100-BR Discription BROWN ROUND   NECKLACE + EA..

Code         DR-2205Discription CHAMPAGNERing Size 18NECKLAC..

Code         DR-2203Discription CHEETAH PRINTRing Size 18NEC..

Code DR-1087-18 Discription DOUBLE RING Size  18/18/18 ..

Code DR-1088-18 Discription lavender bliss Size 16/18/18 ..

Code         DS-2105Discription              ..

Code                 DS-2106Discription      ..

Code    DS-2107 Discription     Size ..

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